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Leeds gig- driver c**t

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:23 am
by Edwise
He told me he's on this forum so. It cost me 42 quid for the taxi, you shit.
I got a bus from Waterford, Rep of Ireland to Leeds, GB for e78 return. Had to go through London.
Met this Polish driver in the Leeds Arts Center and as we got talking he told me that he was going to Manchester after the gig and then on to Liverpool to Dublin and then dropping his load in Waterford. Great - I paid for his meal and we headed on into the show. I then went to a bar in Leeds and got a bit pissed. The driver picked me up and then we stopped and I bought a couple bottles of wine. I also paid for his take-away meal in McDonalds. I'd rather eat my own shit but his order cost 12 sterling which I think is a lot of food.
Anyway we had a huge hold up in Manchester as it was the night that a nutter had blown himself up and hurt loads of people at the Arena. My driver pushed me up front as I have fluent english and so we got into the city centre eventually. Picked up his load very near Victoria Station and again I used my fluency to get us on to the road to Liverpool. Glugging cheap wine on the way.
Then my driver went all weird. Started banging on about how he wears trousers but I know how to tell trousers. Basically, whatever he was doing, he needed an english speaker and I was busy finishing the second bottle of wine before the ferry. Got on The ferry and found more wine.
Off in Dublin - he claimed that I was the co-driver even though I was as pissed as a Mark E Smith.
And then he drove me all the way to NEAR Waterford. His drop-off was about twelve miles from the city, on a fucking motorway roundabout. which is where he left me. I had to call a taxi to get me home - which is where we came in.
If there is a point it's this - I've tried to hear The Fall at least once a year since 1987 and it has led to some great times and some no-shows but most times it has led to a story, an adventure and shit that'd never have happened if it weren't for The Fall.