The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

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Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by wankel » Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:53 pm

adverts gary gilmore's eyes:

Wot ,... not even Gary Gilmour's Eyes ?

Syd Barrett

Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by Syd Barrett » Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:47 am

no, i dont like that much, sorry. more into David Gilmours eyes lol.

no erm.. i like some of it but always the slower stuff for example the flying lizards money, dont even know if thats punk but...

um. see even with the sex pistols i was into em about age 10 but, i just dont really like their attitude tbh and, i infinately prefer the more mature post punk stuff, like PIL, really.

i mean im very childish but i just thought that whole trash the system stuff was daft. i mean yeh ok post punk wouldnt exist without it so fair enough, but yeh its not really my thing. also the music always sounds very disjointed or something to my ears..

er.. i guess i like the DIY lo fi element so its not like i dismiss the whole thing and i realise it muse have been very exciting...

thing is im very aggressive at times, destructive at times, act like a twat all the time, have asort of DIY ethos and my music often sounds disjointed but... er.. i just.. have more respect for "the system" than that and i er.. y'know, im not very political tbh, or even at all.

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Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by wankel » Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:53 am

Only natter.
You like what you like and fuck everybody else.

Syd Barrett

Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by Syd Barrett » Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:40 am

yes ! fuck em ! isnt that what punk is all about in any case ! :mrgreen:

yeh i can appreicate the sentiment of it, i mean er.. i think my main issue with it is i just done like that style of music really, although i like some things like slayer etc.. someone once said that was punk ? how accurate that is i dunno.

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Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by Gus » Wed Mar 11, 2015 6:48 am

The Fall is Normal.

And why this discussion, you Brits don't even know what Punk is.
I'll tell you what Punk it, it's from France, and it started with the Bartholomeus Massacre of the Huguenots.
Well, you can ponder on that one for you a few years Brits.

But thank you for remembering us, because me nor any one else on this planet would know what Punk is without Brits.
Even the Russians know what Punk is now, I suppose.
Kurious Oranj (from Holland)

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Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by Gus » Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:22 am

Sid White wrote:im so glad you got it all figured out and are here to tell us about it lol

but yeh thats very interesting, i would look into it further but i sorta have to get on with the washing up and stuff, maybe you can tell us more about it, im certainly interested.. so you're saying punk came from france right.
Thank you.
Sure, I LOVE to tell you about it, and I haven't washed my dishes in 3 years now about.

So I would get an album of the SEX PISTOLS in Holland when I was 17, than went to university, where they said, I was the first Punk there.
But I didn't think myself as Punk at all, I thought I was Normal.
And other folks not.

This was hard to maintain.
Being the only one that is Normal, while other folks said I was Punk.
Not that I don't like Punk music, but atonal noises is more my kind of noise to be honest.

At any case, since Youtube now has all music from the 1980's on line, I have a wonderful time looking into all Punk, music, that was not available to me 30 years ago. And when I found The Fall, that I only knew little music from 30 years ago, while I myself have been building sound festivals from art noise much harder even than from The Fall about 10 to 20 years ago, while I'm now last 10 years doing research into, what I would maybe define as the song of The Fall; New Puritan.
Just would get inspired to add some text to that song, maybe some one likes it:

So where is the discipline of the New Puritan?
Punk scene is regarded as "Drugs" and so forth.
Well, New Puritan discipline started when I found an article on Punk by an American university, Yale or Harvard can't remember, where it was expressed, that the authors where deadly afraid and totally shocked by Punk. What? Why that? I didn't understand at the start why those American professors where deadly afraid of Punk, while I had regarded it as just a kind of music like Hippies, Disco, Ska, House and stuff. So I went to research the subject, and the more I figured out, the more interesting it became. I know now, YES< THEY ARE DEADLY AFRAID OFF US! And "us" here, is the British and Dutch people.

Okay, Bartholomeus Massacre.
Some readers may already understand where I am going with this now.
...Just hear "Who makes the Nazi's" by The Fall, and I am worried this post is getting much to long.
I'll put some explanation of The Fall - Hex Eduction Hour (1982) in pictures that I made this morning, maybe it will be interesting and a quicker way to explain why American Professors where deadly afraid of Punks.
It's historical, and the French word for Punk is, Les Geux.




And I can tell you a lot more about this, if that is appreciated.
It was I suppose.
Okay, so who creates the Nazi's?
I found an interview on line with MES, where he said, his inspiration is from Pubs.
Just to be clear here, my inspiration is from research into censored books and what ever I can find that survived the inquisition and their censorship. I don't read books, unless the are banned. A Dutch list of books on who creates the Nazi's here: ... _Romanisme
So than, after I found this lesson of writing, I had to conclude that the lyrics of The Fall are from Pubs.
So his historical genius will be extracted from the British people's communities.
My source is from research, although not only into books and articles, but I hardly ever visit pubs.

This should be answering the question.
If you think any thing not to be truth in what I figured out, please say so, because the pure truth is my concern.
Not making any money off of this.
Just always defending myself against false accusations by a very large majority in order to survive.
Kurious Oranj (from Holland)

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Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by wankel » Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:12 am

No you carry on mate !
I don't even know what punk is.

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Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by Gus » Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:32 pm

Thank you Wankel.
You folks on this forum are real friends to me.

Okay, so I have many friends here that are Punks, or squatters, political warriors, and I always get into trouble when I try to explain politics. The problem I get to Punks from the main land in Europe, is that they can't understand that they get indoctrinated by socialism. And than we have this socialist parties in Europe, and they may vote or accept socialism at their protest rallies, while I get banned there, because I REFUSE to protest against Racism. I than say APARTHEID, we must protest for APARTHEID!
Than they get shocked, and the only friends I have after that, are some black folk that agree, and some indians.

So I went to Black Panthers, in order to check their "10 Commandments". Laughing my buts off, realizing that Black Panthers are also socialists, and would not accept me any ways because I'm white. Or pink, if you prefer that name for our race. Conclusion again is, that the truth can not be politically correct. Okay, pink race I would learn from Black racists, in the time that I only had Black racist friends. Black race folk is a bit smarter sometimes. And I'm trying now to get to the Skinhead punk tradition, that would create a divide and rule in the punk scene, or the Normal folk, as I prefer to address it. But impossible, because if romish propaganda uses socialism to divide youth, and succeeds, they are just pierced geeks, and become transgender political correct cowards, not heroes for truth. This than is an intellectual problem, because our youth can not defend themselves against the romish popery of the longhorn breed. But I had met these longhorn breed when I was at university, and they would teach me lies. And not only lies, also the trick of the Hegelian Dialectic that divided the people in Skinheads being falsely accused of anti-nationalist. Sex Pistols however had the Union Jack as their alliance, and so do Skins, so they are of one breed. But Johnny Rotten than says in an interview: "Apartheid is wrong, I am proud of our romish murderers for the pope during the boer wars, that we would loose, although all the common wealth would sent troops against some innocent brave Dutch, hahaha, farmers, hahaha, and we would teach them that cowards will win with lots of hypocrisy."

Really, he said that. Johnny Rotten does not support innocent Apartheid, he supports, just as Jello Biafra does, Bishop Tutu from the longhorn breed, who makes the Nazi's. Who makes the Nazi's? Jello Biafra and Johnny Rotten do. In their interviews that is, I did not see them do it in their music, so maybe MES will also take that stand. Both being grateful and angry, I can forgive, If they will open themselves for the truth, if they can handle it.

Was Adolf Hitler bold?
Did Heinrich Himmler shave his head?
If not, who creates the Nazi's?
The longhorn breed, like Bishop Tutu against Apartheid, and the Second Reich knew it!
The German/Prussian Second Reich.
Don't confuse Bismarck's Second Reich to Hitler's Third Reich, they are opposite.
The Second Reich was Protestant, the Third Reich was Romish, papist and based on a Concordat from 1933 that still is in charge of Germany today:

Must make some jokes here, in order to keep it interesting....
Well I will quote German Chancellor Bismarck now:
"There are two kinds of Socialism, black and red socialism."
This was said in the 19th century, even before, or related to, the Dreyfuss affair.
Black Socialism became the German Third Reich, Red Socialism became the Soviet Union in the first half of the 20th century.
And when Punk came divided into Skinheads and Post Punk/New Wave, Counter reformation had won the battle.
That is why we lost.

New Wave was set up by U2, and I already saw it when that band came up, because I already would learn about Hegelian Dialectic at University. And me and many others have to explain what Hegelian Dialectic is, because once understood, people can not be divided any more, but people can not comprehend it. Bono would hold a speech for hip priests, check it out:

Bono keeping a speech for his friends, the hip priests at Jesuit Georgetown university in Washington DC, where all these wars are made.

So we see, the fear of Punk was handled with very quickly.
And when I see information saying: The Fall is Post Punk, I will need long articles like these, in order to explain why such a horrible term is used. Post Punk? Yeah, punks not dead was again made into proof by Pussy Riot in Russia some years ago. If you want a separate name for The Fall, call it Not Punk, you will than at least have some respect for other folk. If folks believe and support the lie of post punk, like, The Fall helps us to proof that Punks not Dead, and that Pussies can nor Riot, not even when wet, where must I find respect?
Such folks are not friends, the are of the longhorn breed, giving speeched to hip priests.

Must I apologize for using quotes form Kurious Oranj texts in order to explain reality?
The Fall lyrics are very realistic, I acknowledge parts of these lyrics are scientific facts.
I have proof for Bono and New Age sabotaging Punk, check the picture above!
Not only that picture, Bono was handshaking the puppets of war all over the planet!
A hip priest.
New age was post punk?

How stupid want people to become?
Reaction until now where positive, I am very happy with that.
I may be expressing facts, but I am also a human behind a keyboard now.
Kurious Oranj (from Holland)

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Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by john rooney » Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:41 pm

, and I always get into trouble when I try to explain politics.

really.... :o

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Re: The Fall . Punk or not punk ?

Post by wankel » Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:27 pm

Funny though !
My first punk gig was The Damned / the Adverts in early 1977. Not the eighties.
We were so certain it all kicked off in London ?
Nearly 40 years and I've only just found out we were all wrong !
Thanks Gus .

So , were the early FALL songs punk ?
( English 1970's punk music I mean )

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