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Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:12 pm
by Syd Barrett
had a look.

lottsa killing. cant really watch stuff like that, it winds me up.

like there was this thing about a guy who is about to kill a woman he finds ? just looked.

he's really good looking but he's coming towards this woman and im thinkking

"no you fucking dont you cunt" and i feel like i want to kill him and its getting my blood up.

i got to be careful cos i react to almost everything with alot of emotion.

i think alot of people are sorta like desensitived, im like the opposite, i react to everything.

cant take me anywhere lol.

also i aint got time really, need to wash up.

people seem really fascinated by killing and murder etc. baffles me somewhat.

horror i dont mind. but i like comedies really, i aint got time really but i love withnail and i, i could watch that forever.

i love the mirror by tchakovsky, or whatever his name is, i love it to death and it makes me bawl.


Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:29 pm
by Gez
I'm watching it again because I've got nothing better to do tonight. There's a song about Corgis or something, it's L.A. by the Fall I think. Nothing wrong with that though. Good stuff.


Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:37 pm
by Syd Barrett
oh yes i like that one.

i just think he comes ovver on the videos as just being an absolutley first class performer. very very naturaul + lovely aggression. i think its beautiful. he's very attractive i think.

the other one is so cool also.


Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:45 pm
by Gez
He is a bit of a sexy bastard alright.


Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:04 pm
by john rooney
opted for The Island of Doomed Men

Peter Lorre.....he's just brilliant

now watching another of his...Mysterious Mr. Loto

it's those eyes...



Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:57 pm
by avsp
Quiet, innit!
Almost spookily so.

Trust no one is ill or owt.

Maybe its coz of the piccy missives? They do need finking about dont they?


Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:32 am
by wankel
I think maybe you could contact the administration at the other forum Syd.
It sounds like you're missing the place.
I think if you create a new email address you can register again with a new name.
I have been told it's easy to do but haven't done it myself.
Could start one in GMAIL instead of Hotmail or whatever maybe.
Last time I looked the top thread was 11 years old. It was what is in your CD player.
Fucking dreary if you ask me but you could still try .
At least on here we get Marks input even if it's just in the missives.


Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:25 am
by john rooney
this Norwich gig....

doing my head in , I always try and go and see The Fall whenever I can

in fact , seen em live about 12 times.

but this venue is really shit , soulless ...and that's not just the people..

fucking Norwich frumps , an old tv studio....shit sound and no atmosphere.

although I did enjoy seeing The Undertones a few years ago , supporting.

but I think that was just the novelty factor.

so far I'm thinking ...'' fuck it .''

give me a good enough reason to go...I know you're going James but fuck I need a bit more incentive.



Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:16 am
by Little Frank
john rooney wrote:give me a good enough reason to go...I know you're going James but fuck I need a bit more incentive.


Many thanks!

If you're not fancying it John it's probably not worth going.

I will buy you a pint though.


Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:22 pm
by john rooney
two firsts today

firstly....just paid £4 for a loaf of bread

think that's the first time I've ever broke the £1.50 barrier


secondly , just found a shop that sells white pudding

been looking for years and years ( London ) and now I've found one ( Spar )

bough some....looking forward to it.

that's about as exciting as my Sunday got.