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When went looking into the lyrics, I would get very much inspired to fill all the gaps in the political theology there.
I would than write a comment on the song Systematic Abuse, but the page didn't allow my comment because of bad coding, but maybe my comment is appreciated over here.

Over here are the lyrics, you might want to read them in order to understand my comment: ... abuse.html
I'll never get used to folks from pop culture, as I see these notes.
It'll be me.

But systematic abuse, it is the reality of where we live. Reformation? MES has a good understanding of history, but very little Bible knowledge. I'll inform for whoever: The word "Reformation" is only found one time in the Bible, while this one Reformation we had in the 1500's is attacked by Counter Reformation since 1541, or the Council of Trent a little later that century. So, the mistake MES makes in his honest intentions, is that he calls for an impossible repeating of history. History NEVER repeats, all history is unique and original.

Why than do I say that this song presents reality, if I say MES is all wrong? Because it is the truth, but not because of popery, but because of Counter Reformation. I'll quote: "when I open the mail, its the same, systematic abuse". I understand it, but explaining it, well, I'll make an effort: Check earlier texts by MES, like, Perverted by Language. I mean, the mail he gets, is perverted, not by language, but by language. In other words, he gets this mail, he sees some one blindness of heaving the head in the water, where he or she can't see clear, systematic abuse.

Best maybe I'll explain it in The Falls vocabulary than.
I use to discuss such to theologians, but in The Fall vocabulary it would be systematic abuse by the longhorn breed, thanks to the hip priest. The hip priest is hip, according to the people that write the mail, according to the building worker that builds houses, according to the bricklayer that builds the roads, according to the gardener, that takes care of the plants and trees. Okay, maybe the reader understands my translation some what, but in this song, the main character in the performance sees how systematic abuse is committed to by the power the "hip priest" has over Reformation, thanks to Counter Reformation.

Although I must warn you, that MES does not know the latter, he calls for Reformation, or the reality about it, not for repair by it from the Counter Reformation sabotage. Because he doesn't know. Maybe he will, when he finds this comment, but that's not my, and I presume also not his point. He may get a nice feeling of being understood, and see through the systematic abuse. Because of perverted by language, as our language was perverted by universities that are infiltrated.
RIP John Peel, may he rest in peace.
I must say, when reading the comment in preview, I'll have to explain this head in the water. Water is something that is not clearly describing the systematic abuse, but I get the impression that MES was not able to find a better parable there. In an effort to make this clearer, the unclear view that people have over reality, as when one looks when head is under water, is not because of nature, but because of the language perversions.

Okay, getting some where here.
Perverted by language, what does it mean? I refer to the real meaning, not as a quote here. I would use my Bible knowledge to see it, when I compare the Bible of William Tyndale, or the Geneva translation to the King James 1611. Problem here is, I tried to explain this to American Baptists, but they would ban me from discussions. To shocking. And difficult. Germans, French, Americans and Brits only speak one language, but we Dutch speak 3 languages as an average. I've read the Bible in Dutch and German also, and would find some very important differences to the King James being: The word "Church" is not found in the Dutch Bible. So I checked the Tyndale translation and the English Geneva translation, in these Bibles the word "Church" is also not found. On top of that, the word "church" in Dutch Bibles is found in Roman Catholic translations/forgeries of the Bible.

So the Americans are perverted by language, look to reality as if looking with head under the water, because Americans say: "Church is Biblical"
I than say to such an American: "Church is NOT Biblical, Church is Papish"
I understand that the American is insulted, but how can I tell the truth?

Is this clear to any one?
Kurious Oranj (from Holland)

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