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john rooney
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Carte Blanche John

Post by john rooney » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:09 am


a member of that site is said to have had a cheese sandwich for lunch today...

and was Vegan cheese.

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Re: Carte Blanche John

Post by Jules » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:49 pm

I assume you're comment is tongue in cheek? I've found the site a veritable goldmine of information, some trivial possibly of dubious accuracy and some useful. As I'm somewhat inclined towards being a Luddite I've only fairly recently relented and embraced the joys the online medium can provide and I can understand why it must seem essential to many, however it's a head-fuck when things that took an age to find suddenly vanish to god alone knows where and the "help" function is as much use as tits on a bull! the access of previously difficult/impossible to find music is truly awesome though and I don't say that about many things as the word has become overused, along with "literally" which I hear used constantly in a non-literal context. I hadn't heard much of The Falls output in the 21st century being foolishly content to wallow in the Bingo Masters Breakout (my first Fall record) to Extricate (my last Fall purchase) era. what a treasure trove I'd been missing! Happily I've now caught up on the missing years but what a tragedy that it took the death of an icon to jolt me back to life and the worst of it is that there won't be anymore albums to get to grips with, except the inevitable slew of "previously unreleased" and "rediscovered" crap that seems to spring up whenever an artist of any importance steps sideways off this mortal coil. My apologies for straying off the initial subject but it's taken a bloody age to type what I could have written in a minute so I'm reluctant to edit any of it. on the subject in question, is there really such a thing as vegan cheese? Seems like an oxymoron to me.

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